Investment Banking

BCN IT Consulting Ltd provides IT services to some of the major investment banks and financial institutions.  With over 15 years experience, we have gained a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

We have been involved in all areas of the industry, from front-office building pricing systems to back-office. Our business area of expertise is Options and Futures derivative products. We also have experience with Swaps, Fixed Income and Structured Notes.

These are the technologies we work with:

  • Java server side development
  • C# client side development
  • Python server side
  • MySQL, Sysbase and Oracle databases
  • Tibco EMS/RV

We also have experience at all levels in the development life cycle, from high level architecture, to design and coding.  We also have experience training and coaching IT developers, including large offshore teams.

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Experts in Wordpress, Php, Java, C#, Oracle and MySql.